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Since its inception, Crown Hills has been child-centred and every decision that is made is done with them in mind. We, therefore, take their safety, happiness and well-being extremely seriously.

The two most important people that will know your child the best and are able to solve most problems are your child's Head of Year and Assistant Head of Year. Please find their contact details below:


 Head of Year 

Assistant Head of Year
 Year 7- Ms Cover  Mr Samuel
 Year 8- Mr Sabat  Mrs Brown
 Year 9- Miss White  Miss Sadhra
 Year 10- Mr Williams  Mrs Rollings
 Year 11- Mr Seedat  Mr Badiani 

We employ a team that includes social inclusion workers, psychologists, counsellors, welfare officers, assistant heads of year, heads of year and tutors, all of whom offer their time and support to students. In addition to our teachers, this team ensures that students are not only protected from bullying but are equipped with the skills that they need to protect themselves from things like cyber-bullying, sexual exploitation and radicalisation.