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Mr Adam
Vice Principal Miss Wright
Assistant Principal Mr M Patel
Assistant Principal Mr Y Patel
Assistant Principal Mr O' Flynn
Assistant Principal Mr Wright
Assistant Principal Miss Martin
Chief Operations Officer Mr Foster
Business Lead Miss Amey
Business Lead Mrs Marvin
Principal's PA Miss Seedat










Head Of Faculties  
Head of Maths Mr Williams
Head of English Mrs Owen
Head of Languages  Mrs Herbert
Head of PE Ms Butler
Head of Science Mr Sheikh
Head of DT Mrs Clayton
Head of Humanities Mrs Newton
Head of Life Skills Ms Mohamed
Head of Expressive Arts Mr Allison
Head of ICT Mr Patel

Mrs Glasby/ Ms Tong/ Ms Brown


Head of Year Assistant Head of Year
Year 7- Ms Cover Mr Samuel
Year 8- Mr Sabat Mrs Brown
Year 9- Miss White Miss Sadhra
Year 10-  Mr Williams Mrs Rollings
Year 11- Mr Seedat Mr Badiani