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We intend to enable students to be the best that they can be and, therefore, the curriculum offers challenge, breadth and depth. We believe in the importance of knowledge acquisition and therefore the curriculum is planned to be ‘knowledge-first’.

Our curriculum responds to the needs of our community by educating young people to make safe and healthy choices. Our students come from a wide variety of backgrounds and are entitled to have access to broad, deep and rich bodies of subject knowledge. This will enable them to be the best that they can be and to stand alongside their peers locally, nationally and globally.

To facilitate aspiration, we plan on opportunities for the acquisition of cultural capital to broaden horizons and raise sights. We aim to develop young people who are ready to take on the world. Therefore, our curriculum provides spiritual, moral, social and cultural opportunities for personal development.

We believe in the importance of substantive and disciplinary knowledge in each subject. This means that students will build rich foundations of subject knowledge. In addition, they will understand and use the specific knowledge and skills that subject study develops.

To look at our curriculum maps please use the links below: