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The School Day

The college opens at 7.45am for those students that wish to attend extra-curricular activities and our ever-popular Breakfast Club. The day formally begins at 8.28am when pupils line up in their registration groups before they enter the building. At this point, we challenge lateness, check uniforms, punctuality and inform students of any key messages.

 8.28am  School Starts
 8.30am  Whistle, line ups, tutor time
 8.55am  Lesson 1
 9.45am  Lesson 2
 10.35am  Break
 10.55am  Lesson 3
 11.45am  Lesson 4
 12.35pm  Lunch
 1.05pm  Lunch ends- Afternoon Line Up
 1.15pm   Lesson 5
 2.05pm  Lesson 6
 2.55pm  Dismissal