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Welcome from the Head

There is a Middle Eastern proverb which states that actions should be judged by their intentions. It is, therefore, our intention to support your child to be the best that they can be, and we will do everything that we can so that they can.

My first message to parents, staff and students when I started in 2017 was that our students can be whatever they want to be, and it is our role to ensure that we support them to get there.

At that point, I said that we truly believe, and have the aspiration that, a future Prime Minister, Gold Medal-winning Olympian or captain of an England sports team will have attended Crown Hills as well as have attended Oxford or Cambridge!

That journey is well and truly underway and we are making a difference to the lives of so many children. I would urge you to look at the "CHCC in the media" section of this website to see what a difference we have made. There you will see that we have students that have overcome personal difficulties to achieve great things and also students that have gone on to win the silver medal in fencing against some of the best private schools in the country that pay £27,000 in fees! 

One of the proudest moments was seeing the school win the prestigious silver award with Pearsons, for making a difference. This was a national award that should give all of those in the community, connected with our school, a great sense of achievement as it placed us as only one of five schools to win the award.

We ask our students to look beyond their current locality and treat the world as their back garden. Every child has a special and natural talent that is unique to them, and we will support and nurture it so that our students become the best that they can be. We passionately believe that a child’s background should not impact on their life chances, and we make it our job to ensure that all the barriers to success are removed.

We hope you find all that you need and if not, please do get in touch!

Mr F Adam